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ALL NEW!  – Created Specifically for CSRs in Specialty & ER Hospitals

The Veterinary Receptionist Certificate of Excellence (VRCE) Specialty & ER is a comprehensive front desk training program.

It’s About Time!

Here at IGNITE® we know the greatest gift that we can give you is the gift of time. From our lightning fast search of our Veterinary Point of Care Mobile App to our comprehensive Front Desk Training Program that you don’t have to re-create, and our Team Training Bundles that let you roll out new programs and products with everything you need in one place…time is IGNITE’s gift to you.

Positive Patient Outcomes In Less Time

With the Interactive Veterinary Mobile App you get instant access to publications, formularies, specialty content and consults on our one of a kind, video heavy point of care app. Need additional CE?  We’ve got that too.

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Empower CSR’s To Be Their Best

It’s about time we put our CSR’s first.  The Veterinary Receptionist Certificate of Excellence is designed to upskill CSRs in client experience and add revenue generating skills. This program empowers CSRs to be their best for the hospital, clients and patients.

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Manage Your Whole Team In One Place

With Team Training Bundles you can train your CSRs, Techs, and Practice Managers whenever you wish. Utilize our private pages to manage your team and resources. Training and hospital communication go hand in hand so let us make your life easier and save you some time.

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After a few months of implementing IGNITE's Veterinary Receptionist Certificate of Excellence (VRCE) program we saw a 58% increase in higher gross sales compared to the prior year!

Jennifer Mathis, DVM, CVPPPractice Owner

Our Goal Is Behavior Change Not Memorization

We reinforce learning in multiple ways…


Bite sized videos on single topics


Scripts, job aides, and customizable resources


Activities, games and role playing


Interactive study group of peers and experts

IGNITE’s Unique Learning Approach

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I love that this forum gets us all sharing and helping each other. We are all here to help the pets have a better quality of life. Helping each other assures that this priority is met via all the intricate details that are required to maintain a smooth running clinic. I feel I am a better manager and person with the help of the IGNITE team.

Vicki DeitzPractice Manager

Training For Your Entire Veterinary Hospital Team

Veterinary Receptionist Certificate of Excellence

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Veterinary Point of Care Mobile App

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Practice Owner Membership

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veterinary team training bundles

Team Training Bundles

With Team Training Bundles you can train your CSRs, Techs, and Practice Managers whenever you wish. Bundle your memberships for CSRs, Techs, and Practice Managers at a cheaper rate while providing you the ultimate level of flexibility!

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Practice Manager Membership

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Technician Point of Care Mobile App

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CSR Membership

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We are devoted to the advancement of animal care through innovation, knowledge, and learning.

What Makes Us Different?

Active Learning
Access to Experts
Multi-Approach = Learning Retention
Quality Educational Content
Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device
Supportive Communities


IGNITE® is a purpose driven, veterinarian owned company, devoted to advancing the skills of passionate veterinary practices and their people while improving medical outcomes. IGNITE was created to innovate and disrupt traditional veterinary learning and uniquely deliver veterinary teams the education tools they need, whenever, wherever, and however they need it. IGNITE now serves 10,000+ members and includes membership programs for Practice Owners, Practice Managers, Veterinarians, Technicians and Front Desk staff, globally. 

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