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Delivering Exceptional Animal Care Through Education

IGNITE partners with veterinary teams to build skills and capabilities that advance animal care – improving every role in the hospital, from the front desk to the practice owner.

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The #1 Veterinary CSR Development Program

The Veterinary Receptionist Certificate of Excellence, or VRCE program, is a proven tool that elevates CSR skills. VRCE graduates show higher competence and confidence in their role, increased appointment bookings, improved phone skills, and better client experiences.

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Specifically Designed for Specialty & ER

The #1 Veterinary CSR Development program for Specialty and ER front desk staff. We fully understand that specialty and emergency veterinary hospitals have particular training needs, and this is why we have developed this proven tool to elevate CSR skills.

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Elevate Productivity in Your Practice

Created by experienced, credentialed technicians, this modern learning program will equip veterinary assistants with the skills and knowledge to deal with challenging scenarios in practice today and tomorrow. Drive a positive client experience and improve patient care.

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A portion of the proceeds from IVAP enrollments will be donated to Not One More Vet (NOMV), an incredible organization dedicated to supporting the well-being of veterinary professionals.


Elevate Your Team with New Courses!

IGNITE’s new standalone courses offer a unique learning experience, enabling you to quickly apply new skills directly within the hospital.

Each course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Canine and Feline Vaccines
In-depth training on recommended and required vaccines, along with what they protect against and prevent.
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Conflict with Clients
Conflict happens. Learn tips on defusing conflict situations with clients.
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CSR Grief, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
You have to take care of yourself before you take care of others.
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Reputation Management and Client Abuse
Protect your hospital’s reputation and manage negative client feedback.
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Parasites are Gross! Your Guide to Common Parasites
Become a pro at parasites. What are they? What do they carry? How do we prevent them?
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Hear what our customers have to say

As someone who has been a CSR for over 15 years, this is what I know. Just when you think you know it all, have seen it all and have heard it all, you haven't. This program has already showed me that. I look forward to this program not only helping me be a better CSR but for the CSRs who will come after me. Showing the way to keep the standard of exceptional client care.

VRCE Student

The VRCE program provided me with additional tools to help increase my productivity and effectiveness during my daily interactions with the clients and their pets as well as the medical staff. This program and its courses are effective, informative, empowering, and arm new and experienced CSRs with the correct tools and habits to be an efficient, effective, and integral part of the veterinary team.

Lipton Lutap, VRCERound Lake Beach, Illinois

I have just completed my first semester of IGNITE’s VRCE program. It took me about 2 months to complete. I recommend working on the computer portion and workbook at the same time. Finish each course before moving on to the next. I worked on it as much as I could in between appointments. The one thing that helped me understand and put it all together was meeting with my practice manager when I was done. We went through and discussed all the assignments. This course was very helpful and I have been applying what I have learned.

Lee Ann Noble, VRCESugar Creek Animal Hospital

The VRCE program has served as a great foundation for our old and new CSRs alike. It sparks conversation on how we handle each situation and sharpens the kind of skills we desire. The coursework is so intentionally put together. It’s not just busy work, nor daunting piles of homework. Our CSRs who were a bit intimidated have really enjoyed it! We are looking forward to where this course takes us!

Ashleigh MarshallGreen Acres Pet Center

I love that this forum gets us all sharing and helping each other. We are all here to help the pets have a better quality of life. Helping each other assures that this priority is met via all the intricate details that are required to maintain a smooth running clinic. I feel I am a better manager and person with the help of the IGNITE team.

Vicky DeitzAll Paws Animal Hospital

I’ve been a CSR at my hospital for five years next March. I have two dogs, three cats, and as well as many other oddballs throughout my house. While I love my job, I found that I still struggle to connect with all of my clients. My social awkwardness was to blame. Only two weeks in, I already feel like I am creating those bonds with my clients that I had difficulty with before. I’m inspired.

Ashley Bagaporo

The one thing I have practiced every day since starting this course is my spelling. I have always been in a hurry and typed so fast and never proofed read and just assumed everyone in the clinic would know what I was trying to say. I honestly never thought how important spelling was. This stays on the client records forever!!!!! I have even caught myself using more medically correct terms. For example butt vs rectum, private parts vs vulva, sore vs abscess, lump: bump vs growth. I am very happy I am very surprised by how much I have learned. Thank you!

Amber Anderson

This course is important to me because I want to be able to provide all that I can to the hospital; make it run as smoothly and effectively as possible. I also want to be able to have the same educational opportunities to better myself and learn new things just like technicians and doctors have.

Klaudia Zajac

We used to wonder about where and how to find resources for any number of topics, and now our go-to is IGNITE! It’s so great to be able to find answers to questions, but even more, to be able to network with some absolutely fantastic people and know we are not alone in whatever situation we are facing. THANK you so much!

Lisa Paulson, RVTCompanion Animal Hospital

This course is important to me because we have very difficult & stressful jobs & I want to have as many tools as possible. This job can take a lot out of you (especially at an emergency clinic like ours), so it's extra important to be mindful about the way you're doing your job, caring for others, & caring for yourself. I am still fairly new (just over 3 months), so I know there is still a lot I have to learn & can improve upon. I believe this course will help me to hone my skills & allow me to do my job with proficiency. I'm looking forward to it!

Hannah C.

CSR is a new role for me, and I would like to learn how to do it well. I feel it is a greatly important position, which if performed properly, can help every team member and the clinic run smoothly. It can be challenging, and I'm looking for this class to alleviate some of the stress and confusion in the decisions that need to made every day.

Lauree W.

The more knowledge I gain, the better equipped I will be in handling all kinds of scenarios. Along with that knowledge will also come more confidence in my responses to owners/clients when they have questions and I will gain better communication skills. Also, the other CSRs will hopefully see and hear this and I like to lead by example. This will hopefully encourage them to want to learn more as well. Any skills I can learn that help everyone in the hospital, from other CSRs to techs to doctors, will only make the employee's and client's experience that much better!

Jennifer D.

I love this site. It has so many resources for everyone in the hospital. It has so many great forms and information in the same place. I like that you can also customize the groups that most interest you. I think IGNITE has done the industry a great service!

Maria Reyes-NyeTrail Animal Hospital

I am the office manager at our clinic for the last 4 years. This is my first Vet Med position and I fell into it! But I love the human/animal bond and the dynamics that it creates. My priority is our clients and making them feel valued, heard and that they can trust us. I am so ecstatic that they are finally offering this certificate and how valuable our positions are!

Tylene E.

I want to give our clients and their pets the best version of myself. I’d like to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible, such as this one to expand my knowledge, try new things, and become more confident in my role here at work.

Ashley L.

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At IGNITE, we are devoted to the advancement of animal care through innovation, learning, and knowledge. Everything we do is based on that single, shared purpose.

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IGNITE was created to innovate and disrupt traditional veterinary learning and uniquely deliver veterinary teams the education tools they need, whenever, wherever, and however they need it.

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The secret weapon of veterinary CSR education with Jill Clark

The secret weapon of veterinary CSR education with Jill Clark

Listen to the podcast with IGNITE Founder & Chief Visionary Officer Jill Clark, DVM.

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