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In our continued commitment to innovation, IGNITE® has reimagined its CSR Community and relaunched it with a new, fun, and easy-to-use experience. Learn more. 

Welcome to IGNITE

Veterinary Learning Reimagined – IGNITE® is a leading point of care learning and knowledge platform helping veterinary professionals advance animal care.

At the heart of IGNITE is our platform, a gathering place for veterinary professionals from around the globe. Our members include practice owners, practice managers, veterinarians, technicians, front desk staff (CSRs), and IGNITE’s specialty faculty.

IGNITE is loaded with how-to videos, case consults by specialists, as well as useful resources, documents, and forms. IGNITE employees and our platform’s members are motivated by helping veterinary professionals connect, learn, and grow – a true educational community.  

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Find what you need across our entire platform using our lightning-fast search!


Join other members in subject-specific community groups related to your job role.


Interactive high-quality education courses and programs.


A safe place to ask questions, share recommendations, and post your questions to our experts.


Stay connected anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Use IGNITE to:

Learn skills, techniques, and business strategies in bite-sized entertaining videos.
Access, download, and customize resources (documents, forms, checklists, SOPs, etc.) IGNITE has to offer in one location using your computer or mobile device.
Eliminate redundancy and time spent reinventing the wheel.
Share best practices and case studies, and solve problems with the help of your peers.
Speak directly with subject matter experts for advice and support.


IGNITE® is a Purpose-Driven, Veterinarian-Owned Company.

At IGNITE, we are devoted to the advancement of animal care through innovation, knowledge, and learning. Everything we do is based on that single, shared purpose.

Meet The Team

IGNITE was created to innovate and disrupt traditional veterinary learning and uniquely deliver veterinary teams the education tools they need, whenever, wherever, and however they need it.

Learning Philosophy
The secret weapon of veterinary CSR education with Jill Clark

Listen to the recent podcast with IGNITE Founder & Chief Visionary Officer Jill Clark, DVM.

Listen to the Podcast

Training for the Entire Veterinary Hospital Team


I love that this forum gets us all sharing and helping each other. We are all here to help the pets have a better quality of life. Helping each other assures that this priority is met via all the intricate details that are required to maintain a smooth running clinic. I feel I am a better manager and person with the help of the IGNITE team.

Vicky DeitzAll Paws Animal Hospital

We used to wonder about where and how to find resources for any number of topics, and now our go-to is IGNITE! It’s so great to be able to find answers to questions, but even more, to be able to network with some absolutely fantastic people and know we are not alone in whatever situation we are facing. THANK you so much!

Lisa Paulson, RVTCompanion Animal Hospital

I love this site. It has so many resources for everyone in the hospital. It has so many great forms and information in the same place. I like that you can also customize the groups that most interest you. I think IGNITE has done the industry a great service!

Maria Reyes-NyeTrail Animal Hospital

Previously it seemed like veterinary practices kept each other at a distance and weren’t friendly with one another, but IGNITE allows us to ask each other questions and connect. It gives us the opportunity to help each other without the feeling of competition getting in the way. Broadway Vet loves what IGNITE has done so far and can’t wait for all that will come from it in the future!

Rebecca PeppersackBroadway Veterinary Hospital

I LOVE IGNITE! I’ve tried so many things different practice managers have discussed. It’s wonderful!

Deandra BonkKiln Creek Animal Clinic

Thankful and grateful for everything! To all my friends on here on IGNITE! This app has been a true blessing - love it!

Jose Izarpate, RVTEncino Veterinary Clinic

I feel like it is Christmas and I have more toys than I can play with!

Kevin Chapman, DVMHoschton Animal Hospital

Joining IGNITE is Easy

1. Create Your Purchaser Account

Click the “Join Now” button to start creating your account. This is the purchaser’s account to manage all of your seats, add more seats, or manage the current seats you have.

2. Purchase Seats Defined by Job Role

Select from all job roles in the hospital including CSR, Technician, Veterinarian, Practice Manager, and Practice Owner. Hey, you can also save more $$$ if you bundle!

3. Set Up, Login, and IGNITE!

Check your email for a special link to claim your seat and log in. Our onboarding process gives you everything you need to get up to speed fast with all that is IGNITE.

First Of It’s Kind CSR Training

Available for both General and Specialty Practices

Veterinary Receptionist
Certificate of Excellence

Your front desk team will learn skills to deliver a positive client experience and represent your hospital professionally, all while adding revenue to your bottom line. Having a front desk staff of trained VRCE graduates will allow you the peace of mind to focus on other instrumental areas of your practice. Take your practice to the next level of excellence.

Visit the VRCE Website

VRCE Testimonials

It provided me with additional tools to help increase my productivity and effectiveness during my daily interactions with the clients and their pets as well as the medical staff. This program and its courses are effective, informative, empowering, and arm new and experienced CSRs with the correct tools and habits to be an efficient, effective, and integral part of the veterinary team.

Lipton Lutap, VRCERound Lake Beach, Illinois

I have just completed my first semester of IGNITE’s VRCE program. It took me about 2 months to complete. I recommend working on the computer portion and workbook at the same time. Finish each course before moving on to the next. I worked on it as much as I could in between appointments. The one thing that helped me understand and put it all together was meeting with my practice manager when I was done. We went through and discussed all the assignments. This course was very helpful and I have been applying what I have learned.

Lee Ann Noble, VRCESugar Creek Animal Hospital

The VRCE program has served as a great foundation for our old and new CSRs alike. It sparks conversation on how we handle each situation and sharpens the kind of skills we desire. The coursework is so intentionally put together. It’s not just busy work, nor daunting piles of homework. Our CSRs who were a bit intimidated have really enjoyed it! We are looking forward to where this course takes us!

Ashleigh MarshallGreen Acres Pet Center

I’ve been a CSR at my hospital for five years next March. I have two dogs, three cats, and as well as many other oddballs throughout my house. While I love my job, I found that I still struggle to connect with all of my clients. My social awkwardness was to blame. Only two weeks in, I already feel like I am creating those bonds with my clients that I had difficulty with before. I’m inspired.

Ashley Bagaporo

The one thing I have practiced every day since starting this course is my spelling. I have always been in a hurry and typed so fast and never proofed read and just assumed everyone in the clinic would know what I was trying to say. I honestly never thought how important spelling was. This stays on the client records forever!!!!! I have even caught myself using more medically correct terms. For example butt vs rectum, private parts vs vulva, sore vs abscess, lump: bump vs growth. I am very happy I am very surprised by how much I have learned. Thank you!

Amber Anderson

This course is important to me because I want to be able to provide all that I can to the hospital; make it run as smoothly and effectively as possible. I also want to be able to have the same educational opportunities to better myself and learn new things just like technicians and doctors have.

Klaudia Zajac

This course is important to me because we have very difficult & stressful jobs & I want to have as many tools as possible. This job can take a lot out of you (especially at an emergency clinic like ours), so it's extra important to be mindful about the way you're doing your job, caring for others, & caring for yourself. I am still fairly new (just over 3 months), so I know there is still a lot I have to learn & can improve upon. I believe this course will help me to hone my skills & allow me to do my job with proficiency. I'm looking forward to it!

Hannah C.

CSR is a new role for me, and I would like to learn how to do it well. I feel it is a greatly important position, which if performed properly, can help every team member and the clinic run smoothly. It can be challenging, and I'm looking for this class to alleviate some of the stress and confusion in the decisions that need to made every day.

Lauree W.

The more knowledge I gain, the better equipped I will be in handling all kinds of scenarios. Along with that knowledge will also come more confidence in my responses to owners/clients when they have questions and I will gain better communication skills. Also, the other CSRs will hopefully see and hear this and I like to lead by example. This will hopefully encourage them to want to learn more as well. Any skills I can learn that help everyone in the hospital, from other CSRs to techs to doctors, will only make the employee's and client's experience that much better!

Jennifer D.

I am the office manager at our clinic for the last 4 years. This is my first Vet Med position and I fell into it! But I love the human/animal bond and the dynamics that it creates. My priority is our clients and making them feel valued, heard and that they can trust us. I am so ecstatic that they are finally offering this certificate and how valuable our positions are!

Tylene E.

I want to give our clients and their pets the best version of myself. I’d like to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible, such as this one to expand my knowledge, try new things, and become more confident in my role here at work.

Ashley L.

Expert Faculty

Board-Certified experts who respond within 24 hours to any question you post. You can even include your own photos or videos to ensure the most accurate answers! Not only will they answer your questions but they will also follow up on the post to answer any additional questions!

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