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Maybe you work at a hospital with one doctor, one technician, and one receptionist. Sometimes, the practice manager in the clinic also acts as the technician.


Or, maybe you work at a hospital with 20 veterinarians, 45 technicians, 3 practice managers, 15 receptionists, and 20 kennel staff members/assistants.


Perhaps your practice is somewhere in between.


Phew, that was a lot of numbers… and to be honest, those numbers really don’t matter. What does matter is that no matter how many employees in each job role at your hospital, everyone requires training. And if you ask me, “on the job training” just doesn’t cut it. Hospitals need the real deal. The nitty gritty. The “up-all-night-can’t-believe-all-this-work-is-done-for-you” training.


You’re going to see these two words “Hospital Pricing” a lot in this post. And that is because they are the best two words that you can bring to your team when you speak about IGNITE training. Buckle up and get ready for the 5 astonishing ways our Hospital Pricing bundle will increase competency and communication within your team.


1. Let’s start with discounts

At IGNITE, we believe everyone needs proper, real time training to be the best they can be for the patients they treat. So, even though your hospital may have a technician who has been there for 15 years, medicine is always changing and in the veterinary world, and you can never stop learning. But not every hospital can afford to enroll every single staff member. We made that a focus: training for everyone at a discounted rate. Our Hospital Pricing bundle discounts our learning subscriptions when you enroll 5 or more veterinary CSRs, technicians or practice managers. Who doesn’t like to save money?


2. Private group for your hospital to communicate

When you sign up for hospital pricing, you automatically get a private hospital group on IGNITE, only for your employees that are enrolled. When you purchase a Hospital Pricing bundle with 5 or more CSRs, Techs or PMs, IGNITE automatically creates a private page that your hospital manages on our platform. This also doubles as an inter-hospital communication system. Ditch those other programs you use to chat your entire team and let IGNITE be that system for you (bonus: we have a super sweet app that works seamlessly with our desktop application!). With unlimited cloud storage, you can upload your team meeting notes, ask what the staff wants for lunch, post the employee of the week, upload training certificates. Your page. Your way.


3. Save time

Think of all the time it takes to train one person…… Now multiply that by every person in the hospital. YIKES!

Sure, not everyone may require training at this exact moment. But everyone can benefit from training. Our learning subscriptions within the Hospital Pricing bundle include over 45 hours of RACE approved CE for technicians, VHMA approved hours along with RACE approved courses for practice managers, and one-of-a-kind training for CSRs. Why recreate that for your hospital? And why use a different platform, that is more expensive without all the bells and whistles IGNITE has beyond CE. Like communicating with people across the globe. Magnifico! Let us handle all the dirty work putting it together and take advantage of our hard work at a packaged deal.


4. Mix and Match

Only one CSR, 3 techs and a PM? No problemo. As long as there are 5 or more employees that fall under those categories enrolled, Hospital Pricing lets you customize what you need for your clinic! Maybe you have someone who is a technician training up to be a practice manager. IGNITE’s Hospital Pricing plan is perfect for you. With the way IGNITE discounts this bundle, that one person can hold two subscriptions for the price of what one individual practice manager subscription would cost. Bada bing!


5. One stop shop

Did you hear your coworker using one site for her CE, but then other coworkers using completely different sites, and you can never find the CE that they have completed and talking about? With our Hospital Pricing bundle, everything is in one location. IGNITE can be your tracking system for CE completed and give you the ability to communicate about the courses you, your employees, and/or fellow team members take. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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