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Training for the Entire Veterinary Hospital Team

Our training is available by subscription, categorized by job role in the hospital.
If you’re a CSR, Technician, Veterinarian, Practice Manager, or Practice Owner, IGNITE has your back!

Veterinarian Membership

  • Veterinary point of care mobile app
  • Specialist case input from a wide variety of specialty disciplines
  • An easy-to-use mobile app that accepts all file types including video and one-to-one chat
  • A built-in literature search of common veterinary textbooks and proceedings which searches over 40,000 pages in the blink of an eye and boasts 3 formularies
  • Short “how-to” videos to teach or remind you
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Practice Owner Membership

  • Designed specifically for Practice Owners
  • Members interact with hospital owners around the world, and our well-known experts in our supportive environment
  • Ask questions, solve problems, and share best practices
  • Access to resources that come with our Practice Manager learning community
  • Access to specialty medical groups available to our Veterinarian learning community
  • BONUS: A private group JUST FOR OWNERS
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Practice Manager Membership

  • Designed specifically for Practice Managers
  • Access a number of different groups focusing on the information and content you need to succeed
  • Practice management videos and courses
  • Managers interact with their fellow Practice Managers, along with our well-known experts, in our supportive environment
  • Ask questions, solve problems, and share best practices
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Technician Membership

  • Technician point of care mobile app
  • Powerful search feature to find bite-sized videos on important patient care skills
  • Learn or refresh your memory all in the palm of your hand
  • Technician leveling system and skills demonstration guides
  • Ask your questions to our team of board-certified experts
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Veterinary CSR Training

Front Desk (CSR) Membership

  • Training designed specifically for CSRs
  • CSRs will have access to our certificate training programs, relevant industry news, tips for being an all-star CSR, peer-to-peer support, and more
  • Join our worldwide network of veterinary CSR professionals and take your training to the next level
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veterinary team training bundles

Team Training Bundles

  • Train your CSRs, Techs, and Practice Managers whenever you wish
  • Utilize our private pages to manage your team and resources
  • Bundle your memberships for CSRs, Techs, and Practice Managers at a cheaper rate!
  • You can swap what users are in a specific seat and even swap between types of seats
  • Training and hospital communication go hand in hand so let us make your life easier and save you some time
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