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Team Training Bundles

It’s Better to Bundle – With Team Training Bundles you can train your CSRs, Techs, and Practice Managers whenever you wish.

  • Utilize our private pages to manage your team and resources
  • Bundle your memberships for CSRs, Techs, and Practice Managers at a cheaper rate!
  • You can swap what users are in a specific seat and even swap between types of seats
  • Training and hospital communication go hand in hand so let us make your life easier and save you some time
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Manage Your Whole Team In One Place

Team Training Bundles

Take a closer look inside Hospital Training Bundles to see what groups, classrooms and resources your team will have access to. This short video shows you what resources each individual role has access to across CSRs, Technicians and Practice Manager memberships.

Private Group Page

Keep your team accountable by using your private group to post assignments, due dates, and have discussion around the learning materials you’ve assigned. Quizzes can be held after team meetings to see how much information was retained by your staff members.

A Centralized Hub for Team Training and Communication.

With Team Training Bundles you have a way to manage your whole team in one place. You can assign your staff members “action items”, host live meetings and even create quizzes on any topic you wish.

Those quizzes can be held after team meetings to see how much information was retained by your staff members and scores can be exported as a CSV file for easy comparison!

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veterinary team training bundles

Annual Subscription

$ 120

Per Person, Per Year
  • Price applicable to 5 or more CSRs, Technicians, and Practice Manager memberships.
  • You’ll be able to choose the memberships (CSR, Technician, or Practice Manager) for each of your employees after you purchase.
  • Veterinarian and Practice Owner memberships must be purchased separately, but can be added to your private group.

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