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An Interactive Veterinary Point of Care Mobile App – Instant access to publications, formularies, specialty content and consults on our one of a kind, video heavy point of care app. Need additional CE? We’ve got that too.

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Playing phone tag with specialists?
Pulling textbooks off the shelf to research cases?
Need a lightning-fast search to find knowledge the moment you need it?

Our veterinarian point of care app provides specialist case input from a wide variety of specialty disciplines, an easy to use mobile app that accepts all file types including video and one to one chat, a built-in literature search of common veterinary textbooks and proceedings which searches over 40,000 pages in the blink of an eye and boasts 3 formularies, and short “how to” videos to teach or remind you.

Our goal is to assist you with positive patient outcomes in less time. It’s about time!

  • Fast and easy to use Keyword search finds information for you
  • Content organized by specialty discipline just like you would refer a case
  • Available on Mobile app
  • Sofie integrated literature search with 3 formularies for drug dosing and review
  • Multi-media case presentation including video, MRI, CT, all in one place
  • Short “how to” videos to teach or remind you of procedures and techniques
  • Board Certified moderators teach and comment on cases

Veterinary Point of Care Features

Access To Board-Certified Experts

Full access to board-certified experts who respond within 24 hours to any question you post. You can even include your own photos or videos to ensure the most accurate answers! Not only will they answer your questions but they will also follow up on the post to answer any additional questions!

Veterinarian Training

Here you’ll find videos and courses, RACE approved CE and bite-sized info to help take you to the next level. Use our powerful search to find what you are looking for, or simply click on the pinned post and browse by category.

The Sofie Publication Tool from Lifelearn

Access to the Sofie Publication Tool from Lifelearn which allows you to find the publication you need and the information on that publication with lightning speed. Spend under a minute searching instead of 10 minutes on VIN or 25 minutes looking through textbooks!

Questions for the Community

Wondering where to ask your IGNITE colleagues questions about practice management issues, equipment they like (or don’t), how they handle difficult client or employee issues, or just want to share a good idea that has worked for you? This is the place!

Sofie & IGNITE Together: A Perfect Partnership

Ask Sofie

Your Virtual DVM Assistant

We’ve partnered with LifeLearn Animal Health to include Sofie, a tool that allows you to search over 40,000 pages of peer-reviewed, evidence-based reference materials from the top veterinary textbooks, journals, and conference proceedings. through a chatbot on IGNITE included with your membership.

The key to Sofie’s leading-edge technology is IBM Watson®, an innovative, cognitive computing system that uses augmented intelligence to rapidly search and deliver veterinary medical information, from differentials and drug information to diagnostic and treatment advice.

Designed to respond to natural-language questions, Sofie delivers results based on context instead of just keywords and guarantees that Sofie will retrieve the most relevant results on searches. In other words… you just ask Sofie, like you would ask a friend, or Google. And since Sofie includes ongoing updates, Sofie users always have the latest information at their fingertips to support the best possible diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Save Time Diagnosing and Treating Patients

To find what you need, you simply Ask Sofie! Sofie searches multiple sources at once to deliver the most relevant and accurate results to support the best possible diagnosis and treatment for patients. Designed to respond to natural-language questions, Sofie delivers results based on context, not just keywords.

Ask Sofie For:

  • Drug Formulary Information
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Diagnostic Algorithms
  • Emergency Treatment for Toxins
  • Specific Topic Search

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