Expanding Learning Resources to Elevate Veterinary Teams!

The New IGNITE is here, and we’ve made some changes that have made your learning experience more efficient and effective to help develop and support you, your team, and the hospital.

As an existing member of IGNITE, we understand that change can be difficult. The changes at IGNITE are there for your benefit, added value to your membership, and expanded learning resources to help support and grow your teams and practice.

How learning has evolved at IGNITE.

Role Specific Training & Courses

Reimagined & enhanced for each role on your veterinary team.

Certificate Programs & Resource Libraries

Enjoy access to 1000s of forms, documents, and templates. Earn CE credits & certificates.

Supportive Peer Communities

Ask questions, share best practices, & connect with your peers in members-only communities.

Support and Helpful Resources

Claiming Your Account

Navigating IGNITE

Why are we moving to a new platform?

Your success is our goal, and with an easier-to-use experience and expanded learning resources, you can achieve excellence in your role and improve patient outcomes in the hospital. We’ve also made learning fun, so we have introduced learn & earn – earn digital coins as you progress to spend in our store. 

How do I create my new account?

Step 1: Click here to access the sign-in page on IGNITE
Step 2: In the pop-up, you’ll click the SIGN-UP tab
Step 3: Enter your email (use your existing IGNITE email address), create a new password, and enter your first and last name
Step 4: Click the blue Sign-Up button to activate your new IGNITE account
Step 5: You’ll immediately receive an email to verify your account. Click the URL within that email, and you’re all set!!
(Check your spam folder if you can’t find it.)

(Prefer video? Watch this short instructional video about creating your new account)

How do I navigate and use the new IGNITE?

Watch this short instructional video about navigating the new IGNITE and how to find your courses communities and resource libraries.

Will I still have access to groups and communities to ask questions on the new IGNITE?

Yes, based on your job role, you will continue to have access to safe and supportive communities and job role-specific courses. Use communities as you did on IGNITE on Workplace – ask questions, support and encourage each other, upload photos and videos, and most importantly, have fun! 

(Prefer video? Watch this short instructional video about accessing groups and communities.)

Will my Workplace data be transferred to the New IGNITE?

Only essential profile details will be migrated. Specific data handling procedures will adhere to our privacy policy.

Do I need to create a new password for the new IGNITE?

Yes. On STEP 3 outlined above, you must create a new password. This is for security purposes.

Will I need to download any additional software or plugins?

No, the new IGNITE does not require any additional downloads or software. or plugins. It works within your web browser on any device – computer or mobile. All you need to do today is follow the steps to create an account.

What happens to my existing content or progress in IGNITE on Workplace?

All your progress and content will be retained and available on the new IGNITE.

How long will the new account setup process take?

Creating your account is quick and easy! Simply enter your email address and name, and choose a password – Done!.. If you have any problems, you can contact our support team via live chat on ignitevet.com  or email contact@ignitevet.com.

Will I still have access to IGNITE on Workplace?

Yes, however, over the coming weeks, we will be deactivating select groups and communities as the new IGNITE experience takes the main stage. You will receive announcements of expiration dates as they approach and you will have the ability to download your Workplace data before it is sunsetted.

What do I do if I encounter problems using the new IGNITE?

If you encounter any problems, we are always here to help! Our rockstar customer support team is available via live chat on our website ignitevet.com or email contact@ignitevet.com.

Is the new IGNITE available for all job roles?

The new IGNITE is currently available for CSRs, Veterinary Assistants and Technicians, Practice Managers, and Practice Owners. The new experience for Veterinarians will be available soon and all members will be notified when it is ready. If you are a DVM who is not currently an IGNITE member, click the following link to get on the waiting list and we’ll be sure to let you know when our reimagined membership for veterinarians is ready to go!