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Veterinary Technician Point of Care App – Use the powerful search within our Technician Point of Care App to find bite-sized videos on important patient care skills, or ask our team of board-certified experts directly.

  • Learn or refresh your memory all in the palm of your hand at the wet table or radiology suite where you need it most.
  • Pair this with our Technician leveling system and skills demonstration guides, so that practices can be sure of their team’s competencies and provide a development plan for future success.
  • If you are looking for RACE-approved CE, we have that too!
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Point of Care Videos on Demand

Vet Tech Point of Care Features

Access to Industry Experts

Full access to industry experts who respond within 24 hours to any question you post. You can even include your own photos or videos to ensure the most accurate answers! Not only will they answer your questions but they will also follow up on the post to answer any additional questions!

Technician Videos and CE Courses

This group holds all of IGNITE’s RACE Approved CE courses and quizzes, nursing micro-learning videos, along with resources ranging from how to calculate constant-rate infusions, inventory management, Diabetes 101, stress management skills.¬†Jump to our course list

Technician Resource Library

We continuously share best in class resources that you need to do your job well, and keep you from wasting time reinventing the wheel. This group contains documents, forms, templates, and checklists along with study guides for our CE courses. Need a checklist on blood cross matching? Home diabetic monitoring form for your favorite client? We’ve got that, and more!


Post your own cases and receive feedback from our experts and technicians across the nation. We post challenging cases twice weekly on Tech Case Rounds. Cases are posted in standard format (signalment, presenting complaint, initial treatment, diagnostics, further treatment).

Veterinary Assistant Level 1

Train your new Vet Assistants easily!
This self-paced course will allow your new technicians to learn the basics and demonstrate their new knowledge.

  • Your Role on the Veterinary Team
  • Harness the Power of Your Practice’s Phone
  • Hospitality and Professionalism
  • Trust, Confidentiality, and Accuracy
  • Veterinary Terminology and Abbreviations
  • Breed Identification
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Communicating with Clients in Crisis
  • Occupational Safety Procedures
  • Cleanliness and Comfort
  • Bullying and Mental Health in the Veterinary Industry


Our leadership team made a goal at our annual meeting to implement monthly IGNITE CE for each Vet Tech. My lead Vet Tech really pushed for that extra training for her team and IGNITE was the perfect place for that.

I also use IGNITE in our monthly staff meetings, and our individual monthly department meetings. We pinpoint an area we are struggling in, or have more opportunity to improve in, and find a training video on IGNITE that can help us. It is really nice for them to hear someone other than me and get another perspective on an issue.

Sophie BuiePractice Manager, Animal Medical Clinic

IGNITE's Technician subscription is such an amazing tool for the Technicians in my hospital. Our manager utilizes this tool by requiring us to watch a minimum of one video per month. We typically choose a topic based on the cases our clinic has seen recently, and use it as a learning opportunity to learn more about a real case that we had recently had experience with. This helps us to further understand the treatments and recommendations for those pets, as well as explain them to concerned owners. It has been an amazing tool to have access to!

Brittany HuberTechnician, Animal Medical Clinic

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