How is IGNITE different from other learning solutions?


Despite the huge amount of time, money, and resources invested in L&D solutions, most simply deliver information without creating lasting knowledge change. In fact, after a year, only about 30% of employees successfully transfer their learnings to the workplace.1 Most learning solutions offer a lot of helpful and valuable information, but they fail due to the lack of frequent reinforcement necessary to help learners retain information. In fact, if you don’t take immediate action to reinforce what you’re learning today, you’ll forget 50% of it by tomorrow. This is called the “Forgetting Curve.” How much do people forget? Research shows that within one hour, people will have forgotten an average of 50% of the information presented. Within 24 hours, they have forgotten an average of 70% of new information. Within one week, the Forgetting Curve claims an average of 90% of the new concepts taught to them. This plays a significant role in your learning investment. IGNITE has examined why traditional LMS based training often fails and designed a unique learning ecosystem for veterinary teams to combat these learning deficits:

PERSONALIZED AND RELEVANT. Learning is personalized to an individual’s unique needs. Learners can pick learning objects from our growing role-specific library or hospital leaders can assign videos, articles, case studies or resources that best fit the needs of their team members. Since all of IGNITE’s content is divided into role specific groups, our learning objects are far more relevant to the learner than broader veterinary content.

MOTIVATIONAL SUPPORT. IGNITE faculty and our role specific communities provide motivational support to assist a team member through their learning process. Learners interact with shared best practices, thought content, and guided solutioning.  Our communities provide a safe space for the various veterinary roles to feel like they are not alone in their challenges and share ideas under the watchful eyes of our faculty.

PRACTICE. IGNITE’s in hospital practice, observation checklists and demonstrating skills account for the Forgetting Curve, and reinforce the skill while holding the learner accountable. Learners are required to demonstrate their new skills multiple times in their hospitals to reinforce the learning, provide unequivocal accountability to supervisors, and teach others.  This step is key to success.

FEEDBACK. IGNITE faculty and learning peers offer consistent feedback to help learners stay accountable and make the changes they desire within themselves.  Video demonstrations of skills and case presentations offer a safe way to get feedback from a diverse group.  Unlike typical exams which often test short term memory instead of skills learning, IGNITE video exams leave no doubt and provide the most concrete way for faculty and peers to provide feedback.

SELF-REFLECTION. The IGNITE solution offers support for self-awareness and self-reflection, allowing learners to understand and celebrate the learning they embrace. It’s like having your own cheerleading squad!

A Case Study

Spring Animal Hospital has a problem. Their lead technician quit recently and their junior technician staff is not proficient at taking dental radiographs. Dr. Connor, the practice owner, just purchased a new dental radiograph machine and is getting very frustrated that it is not generating any income, and she has to do everything herself. She is getting burned out fast!

Enter IGNITE. Dr. Connor enrolls her technician staff in the IGNITE’s Technician Training learning community. Dr. Connor speaks to an IGNITE Customer Success Specialist who finds out exactly what Dr. Connor’s goals are and creates a private hospital group for Spring Animal Hospital where Dr. Connor can interact with her staff, make learning assignments and receive exams and videos.

Dr. Connor sets dental radiography as their first priority. The IGNITE team posts relevant links, study guides, and observation checklists to the dental radiography training in the Spring Animal Hospital private group and ensures that all of the Spring technicians have access to IGNITE’s veterinary dentist who is the expert that will answer their questions, provide feedback and reinforce the learning.

The technicians are asked to study the short training videos, post dental radiographs they take for feedback, and work with the IGNITE dentist to make sure that their radiographs are diagnostic quality. Once they have achieved efficiency and have proven to the IGNITE expert that they have learned this skill, they are required to show Dr. Connor three different sets of dental radiographs that are diagnostic so that she can sign off on their observation checklist that they indeed learned the skill and can use it in the hospital environment.

Dr. Connor is thrilled, and Tabitha, one of the newest hires, also demonstrates to Dr. Connor that she has learned how to prepare a patient for mandibular and maxillary nerve blocks. Dr. Connor searches IGNITE for the how-to tutorials on oral nerve blocks. She needs to brush up on these so that she can offer this new service to her patients. Our IGNITE faculty is there for Dr. Connor and helps her walk through the training and answers all of her questions. All is well at Spring Animal Hospital!

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IGNITE is an excellent resource for valuable workable solutions and ideas.

Sue Connor, DVMSpring Animal Hospital