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Learning Philosophy

How is IGNITE different from other learning solutions?

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Personalized & Relevant

Learning is personalized to an individual’s unique needs. Learners can pick learning objects from our growing role-specific library or hospital leaders can assign videos, articles, case studies, or resources that best fit the needs of their team members. Since all of IGNITE’s content is divided into role-specific groups, our learning objects are far more relevant to the learner than broader veterinary content.

Motivational Support

IGNITE faculty and our role-specific communities provide motivational support to assist team members through their learning process. Learners interact with shared best practices, thought content, and guided solutions.  Our communities provide a safe space for the various veterinary roles to feel like they are not alone in their challenges and share ideas under the watchful eyes of our faculty.


IGNITE’s in hospital practice, observation checklists, and demonstrating skills interrupt the Forgetting Curve, and reinforce the skill while holding the learner accountable. Learners are required to demonstrate their new skills multiple times in their hospitals to reinforce the learning, provide unequivocal accountability to supervisors, and teach others.  This step is key to success.


IGNITE faculty and study group peers offer consistent feedback to help learners stay accountable and make the changes they desire within themselves.  Video demonstrations of skills and case presentations offer a safe way to get feedback from a diverse group.  Unlike typical exams which often test short-term memory instead of skills learning, IGNITE video exams leave no doubt and provide the most concrete way for faculty and peers to provide feedback.


The IGNITE solution offers support for self-awareness and self-reflection, allowing learners to understand and celebrate the learning they embrace. It’s like having your own cheerleading squad!

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