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IGNITE® Unveils the IGNITE Veterinary Assistant Program (IVAP): Empowering Veterinary Teams to Deliver Exceptional Practice Performance

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 4, 2024 — IGNITE, a leading veterinary learning company, proudly introduces the IGNITE Veterinary Assistant Program (IVAP), a modern skills-based learning program designed to elevate veterinary teams and deliver higher levels of veterinary care.

Veterinary teams have trusted IGNITE as a provider of innovative learning content, programs, and tools that enable all roles in the hospital to thrive. Developed by credentialed, seasoned veterinary technicians, IVAP reimagines learning for veterinary assistants and delivers an experience that strengthens critical skills and knowledge, regardless of experience level.

The landscape of veterinary medicine continues to evolve rapidly, and the pressures facing today’s veterinary teams mean we are living in a time when it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Increasingly demanding pet owners, staff shortages, and long hours are only a few characteristics that can make for a chaotic hospital environment.

IGNITE recognizes that veterinary assistants can and should play a key role in relieving some of these common challenges. Skills development builds capacity and closes capability gaps, enabling managers to redeploy talent to align teams better to work in a healthier manner. Highly trained veterinary assistants are a critical resource capable of giving back time, driving efficiency, and delivering more value to elevate the entire veterinary team.

“We live in a time when people increasingly make career decisions based on personal development, well-being, mental health, and purpose. When veterinary hospitals actively invest to upskill or reskill their teams, they help address these needs and take control of their future, improving retention and hospital performance,” said IGNITE CEO Mark Shaw.

“IVAP changes all of that,” says Shaw. “We asked our customers, and we listened – they said we want a program that is fun, engaging, authentic, and meets staff where they are – mobile, tablet, workstation, surrounds them with community, rewards learning, and ultimately makes their hospital the one where people want to stay and build a career. Our incredibly passionate team did it! IVAP answers that call.”

Key Program Highlights and Benefits:

Development and Retention of Talent: With its advanced curriculum, the program ensures that veterinary assistants acquire new skills and continue to grow in their roles, fostering a culture of continuous learning and commitment.
Enhanced Communication & Client Experience: A well-trained assistant translates to a smoother, more efficient pet parent experience, fostering greater trust and satisfaction among pet owners and the veterinary team.
Optimized Patient Care: With knowledge at their fingertips, assistants can ensure animals receive the best care, resulting in better health outcomes.
Boosted Hospital Productivity: A proficient veterinary assistant means less time spent on avoidable mistakes and more time dedicated to patient care, propelling the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the hospital.

The IGNITE Veterinary Assistant Program (IVAP) will help you develop and retain talent, drive a positive client experience, and improve patient care.

Consistent with its purpose and devotion to the profession, IGNITE pledges a portion of all IVAP sales proceeds to Not One More Vet.

About IGNITE Veterinary Solutions:
IGNITE Veterinary Solutions is an independent company devoted to advancing animal care through innovation, learning, and knowledge. The company focuses on enhancing the veterinary profession through innovative educational resources and practical solutions, helping veterinary teams improve client service, increase productivity, and deliver superior pet care.

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