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IGNITE® Veterinary Solutions Partners with LifeLearn Animal Health to Revolutionize Veterinary Learning and Animal Care

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 6, 2024 – IGNITE Veterinary Solutions, a leader in veterinary learning and veterinary team development, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with LifeLearn Animal Health, a recognized provider of trusted education, marketing, and communications solutions for the animal health industry.  This collaboration marks an important milestone in the continued evolution of the relationship and elevating animal care through innovative learning and efficient practice management.

Key Benefits of the Partnership:

  • Enhanced Learning Opportunities: Veterinary professionals can now access a broader offering of educational resources and practical tools, enabling continuous learning and skill enhancement.
  • Efficient Practice Management: LifeLearn’s software solutions complement IGNITE’s point of care and roles-based educational offerings by providing veterinary teams with the tools to increase efficiency, manage operations, and support improved working relationships with pet owners.
  • Elevated Animal Care: The collaboration aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of veterinary professionals and improve the overall quality of pet health care and client service.
  • IGNITE Member Benefits: IGNITE members enjoy special pricing on four of LifeLearn’s core products.
    • Sofie with Vetcalculators – The virtual DVM assistant provides instant access to trusted veterinary medical information.
    • Vetcalculators – One-click access to drug dosage calculators, toxicity calculators, trauma triage scores, and more. Available on both iOS and Android devices.
    • ClientEd – A unique pet health education library that strengthens the veterinary team’s role as animal health educators and encourages client compliance with easy-to-understand information for pet owners.
    • WebDVM – Affordable veterinary websites, custom designed to realize practice goals and optimized to improve practice efficiency.

Statements from the Leaders:

Mark Shaw, CEO of IGNITE, expressed, “Our partnership with LifeLearn represents a shared vision of combining best-in-class technologies and modern learning content to provide veterinary professionals the tools they need at the moment. Together, we are set to make a lasting impact on animal health care by providing comprehensive, practical, and innovative solutions.”

Dr. David Goodnight, EVP of Business Development at LifeLearn Animal Health, stated, “This is not just a collaboration; it’s a catalyst for a progressive future in animal health. It underscores our commitment to revolutionize the way knowledge is acquired, practices are managed, and ultimately, how animals are cared for.”

About IGNITE Veterinary Solutions
IGNITE Veterinary Solutions is an independent company devoted to advancing animal care through innovation, learning, and knowledge. The company focuses on elevating veterinary professionals through innovative educational resources and practical solutions, helping veterinary teams improve client service, increase productivity, and deliver superior pet care.

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About LifeLearn Animal Health, a ProSites Company
LifeLearn provides flexible, affordable, and customizable online software solutions for veterinary practices to save time, improve practice efficiency, and strengthen client relationships. LifeLearn’s award-winning competencies in digital media, combined with longstanding veterinary content expertise and customer support, are just part of why LifeLearn continues to be a leading and trusted name in the animal health industry.

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Media Contact:
Robert Cornes, VP Marketing & Strategic Development
Phone: (440) 544-6483

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