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PetPath and IGNITE® Veterinary Solutions Announce Industry-Leading Multimarket Agreement Commercializing Digital Care Management

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 25, 2024 — The multimarket agreement creates the opportunity to accelerate awareness, adoption, and growth of PetPath’s pioneering digital care management solution and pair it with IGNITE Veterinary Solutions’ extensive network of platform customers, partners, and learning content.

The companies will initially focus on the specialty services, emergency, and critical care markets, highlighting the critical benefit of digital pet recovery pathways. Ultimately, the parties intend to broaden the product offerings into chronic and preventative care market applications.

  • The commercial agreement is expected to transform digital care management with the potential to reach millions of pet owners.
  • The partnership is the first in the industry to connect veterinarians to pet owners through digital care management and customized recovery pathways combined with rich, customizable, easy-to-comprehend content.
  • PetPath will enable rich insights to maximize patient outcomes while improving hospital efficiency and reducing staff burnout.

PetPath and IGNITE share a vision for providing pet owners and veterinary teams with a unique solution that reduces pet owners’ fear, confusion, and uncertainty about how to care for a pet before and after surgery. Veterinary teams benefit by having fewer callbacks and questions about their patient’s recovery. Now, clients have an easy-to-use app that provides complete digital instructions, reminders, checklists, educational videos, and a chat function to connect pet owners and practitioners, enabling confidence in pet recovery and improving outcomes.

“This agreement will be instrumental in driving wide-scale adoption of PetPath,” said Alex Ehrich, Co-founder and Director of Partnerships of Pet Path. “Building on success with the veterinary hospitals we partner with, PetPath will have even greater access to thousands of hospitals and key strategic partners through IGNITE’s extensive network. Leveraging its market-leading platform and learning content creation capabilities, we will combine efforts and capabilities to improve hospital productivity, more effectively guide recovery outcomes, and give time back to the veterinary teams.”

“We know pet owners and veterinary teams want to give pets the highest quality of care. Pet owners today are proactive, engaged, digitally connected, and want individualized care. Gone are the days of simply providing pet owners verbal instructions, handing over a stack of confusing documents and/or emailing pdf’s of what to do and know,” says Mark Shaw, CEO of IGNITE. “Pet owners want connection, information at their fingertips, and peace of mind. They want to know what is normal, how do I properly perform this, is everything ok, and they want access when they need to ask a question”, said Shaw.

PetPath addresses all of this and more by providing a comprehensive tool that extends the hospital’s value, procedures, and practices, guiding their pet owner clients on what to do throughout the entire recovery process.

When Brandon Prince, DVM, and Seth Bleakley MVB, MS, DACVS-SA, DECVS, MRCVS, CCRT Founded CARE Surgery Centers, they knew providing the highest quality care to patients meant they had to reach clients beyond the four walls of the hospital. Partnering with PetPath since December 2022, Bandon shares:  “Implementing PetPath dramatically improved our cycle of service while saving our team valuable time and effort. Our clients appreciate the high-touch approach we take to making sure their loved ones recover from surgery with proactive guidance and daily check-ins through the app. Our medical staff appreciate that even though we are answering fewer post-operative phone calls and messages, we feel more involved in our patients’ care.”

With many mobile applications on the market, it is paramount to the CARE team that they have a tool that can support and guide pet owners. Seth says, “Our clients love PetPath.  We’ve had nothing but positive feedback.  It makes the post-operative period less stressful as they feel better supported in their role as caregivers. PetPath has been a great asset in improving both patient care and client service.”

With PetPath, veterinary teams deliver a better client experience and better pet care through a personalized approach to pet recovery. Importantly, PetPath enables practitioners to adapt the care pathway and customize discharge and recovery guidance to match their individual hospital’s protocols. The result is better care and improved compliance while giving time back to busy teams and reducing burnout.

About PetPath
Founded by Robin Levitski-Osgood DVM, DACVIM (Neurology), PetPath addresses challenges veterinary care teams face supporting pet owners throughout the perioperative care journey. Inspired by human medical recovery tools, PetPath partners with veterinarians to extend customized veterinary care, delivering timely homecare instructions directly to pet owners. Streamlining the care journey alleviates the strain on veterinary teams and empowers owners in the recovery process. Globally trusted, PetPath is endorsed by top veterinary specialists to optimize their care.

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About IGNITE Veterinary Solutions
IGNITE Veterinary Solutions is an independent company devoted to advancing animal care through innovation, learning, and knowledge. The company focuses on enhancing the veterinary profession through innovative educational resources and practical solutions, helping veterinary teams improve client service, increase productivity, and deliver superior pet care.

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